100 Mile Prayer Circle

Eleven hours ago we stood at the Southernmost tip of Washington D.C. at the beginning of an all-day adventure to circle the entire city in prayer. We started at the Jones Point Lighthouse just before sunrise where Major Andrew Ellicott placed a border stone in 1791 as part of the original 100 square mile borders of D.C. We worked our way Northwest, then Northeast, turned Southeast, and continued back towards where we started. Ten hours of prayer, ten hours of declarations over the city, stopping at each of the 40 boundary stone locations that outline the original coordinates that made up the District to declare blessing over the neighborhoods and claim the entire city as a prize for the Kingdom of Heaven. More than 1/3 of these locations are not part of D.C. today but we felt compelled to establish a spiritual boundary around the coordinates originally selected by the founders of this nation. At each stop we asked the Lord to release a new angel to stand by the boundary stone and declare the plans of the Lord over the city all day, every day, until the Lord returns. We are confident that he honored this request as we felt angels moving around us at many of our stops. On this day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus we have proclaimed that He will get everything He paid for on the cross and that this city which impacts the world will be impacted by God in a mighty way. Washington D.C. will be known as a city of God!

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