Jun 8 2011


Today is a day to celebrate! But unlike other Christian holidays, today is one that is usually forgotten.

On this day, a few thousand years ago a group of believers were in a small crowded upstairs room in Jerusalem waiting for the promised arrival of the Holy Spirit. Forty days after Jesus’ ressurection an amazing gift was given given to mankind; Christians call this day Pentecost.

But there is another event that occurred on this day several thousand years earlier when more than a million Israelites gathered around the foot of Mount Sinai to receive a different gift. For forty days Moses had been receiving the teaching and instruction of God and it was on this day that he descended the mountain and the Torah was given to mankind. Jews call this day Shavu’ot.

It’s interesting that on the same day in history God gave us both his commands and his Holy Spirit. But there are no coincidences with God, so I think that these two instances are very much linked to each other. On this day, God taught us how to live righteous lives by following the Torah and then, on this day, he gave us the power of the Holy Spirit to walk out that righteousness.

Maybe there’s more to Judaism than the Torah.
Maybe there’s more to Christianity than Pentecost.
Maybe it’s time to connect these two together.

Shavu’ot Shalom!