Oct 22 2011

Traffic Jam

I took a short road trip the other day and missed my exit because construction had moved it to a different location. The exit that is normally on the left side was now on the right and I was in the wrong lane at the wrong time. Interestingly enough, there was a traffic jam immediately after my exit. If I would have paid more attention and exited on time I would have never been subjected to the parking lot of cars sitting in my way. If I would have stayed on the right path I would have had smooth sailing all the way to my destination. But instead, I had to make a detour and head back in the opposite direction to get back on course.

Similarly, in life, we find that when we stay on course things tend to turn out better. God determines our paths but we do not always stay on course. God selects the turns but we miss them because we are not focused on his plan. And so we run into traffic jams and detours which are accompanied by frustration and spiritual road rage. I often hear people make comments about how God has placed something in their way to take them in a new direction but we rarely link it to our own missteps. The simple truth is that God places roadblocks in our paths when we get off track.

Certainly no one is perfect and we will all be subject to correction in the form of these spiritual roadblocks. But maybe if we stayed on the right course we would have fewer detours and more blessings. Maybe if we followed the directions of his GPS life would be a little smoother.