Mar 18 2013

Big Miracles

There is no such thing as a small miracle.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a stubbed toe or the removal of cancer.  If God steps in and fixes the problem than it is a big deal!  I was thinking about this the other day because it is so easy to dismiss a healing as small when we consider the injury to be small such as a headache or a superficial bruise.  But it’s no more difficult for God to speak a new lung into existence as it is to command a headache to leave so we should never consider anything He does as small and we should always send up the praise when He steps in.

Mar 10 2013

Speak Up

God loves hearing from you.  He loves it when you share your thoughts with Him, when you tell Him about your disappointments, when you share the excitement of your day, when you’re frustrated with your work situation, when you find out you’re going to be a father, and the list goes on.  Here’s the point, you were created to have a relationship with God and that requires a little conversation.  He’s not bored with you.  He’s not annoyed by your voice.  He wants you to speak to Him and He wants to speak back to you.  Moses did it.  Abraham did it.  So did all the prophets, and the apostles.  You are no different.  He wants to hear from you so start speaking and get ready to listen because He will speak back.