Jul 14 2013

The will to heal

When it comes to sickness, God’s desire is to heal everyone. That’s a pretty bold statement to make if you are keeping track of all the sickness that exists in the world. But we can’t allow what we see in the physical realm to affect the reality of what God has declared. God’s word is always the higher truth and the reality is that nowhere in scripture do we see any indication contrary to the idea that God want to heal everyone. Nowhere in scripture do we see an example of Jesus saying that it was not his will to heal. Nowhere in scripture do we see an indication that God didn’t heal when the disciples prayed. In Luke 5 we see an interesting bit of dialog between a leper and Jesus. The leper says “if you are willing” and Jesus response was “I am willing.” Jesus’ response today is the same as it was 2000 years ago. He is willing. It is his will. The model prayer Jesus gave us includes this phrase, “On earth as it is in heaven.” There is no sickness in heaven so there doesn’t need to be any on earth either. Take hold of God’s reality and take hold of your healing!