Oct 31 2013

Trick or Treat

Every year at this time churches all over the planet have their annual harvest festivals to give kids an alternative to Halloween.  There’s this notion that Christian kids shouldn’t participate in Halloween festivities because it represents evil.  I get it; to some people Halloween represents evil.  They wear crazy costumes to scare people and some of them even go so far as to plan some crazy rituals.  But we shouldn’t let crazy people keep us from having fun.  Listen, I love candy; especially when it’s free and especially if it involves chocolate.  If you want to give me a free fun sized almond joy, I won’t turn it down!

But I don’t like the trick or treat phrase because trickery is opposite of the heart of God.  God doesn’t want to trick you, he wants to bless you!  It is his heart to bless everyone on this planet.  His word says “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard…all that God has prepared for those who love him.”  We can’t begin to imagine what God has planned for us and I have a feeling that when we get to heaven there will be a lot of free candy.  So go get some free candy at church and from your neighbors.  And feel free to send a few pieces my way!

Oct 14 2013

That’s a Good Word

Any word God speaks is a word from his kingdom.  Words spoken from his kingdom are not simple suggestions but are powerful declarations.  Think about this, when God spoke the world into existence there wasn’t any resistance.  God commanded light to come onto the scene and it burst forth instantaneously.  He spoke a word from his kingdom and it impacted the universe in exactly how he intended.  So when this same God speaks a word for our lives we need to receive that as a seed placed in good soil and steward it until it grows into what he declared.  Jesus gives us an amazing insight in Matthew 13 where he discusses the different ways a seed can be received.

That spoken word is like a seed spread into a field.  Growth of that seed can be stunted by not understanding the word, failing to care for it because of persecution, or choking it off by worrying about if it will come to pass.  The only way it will grow into what God destined it to be is if your heart is willing to receive it.  When God speaks to you, don’t think about whether or not it is a true word or whether or not it will come to pass.  Receive it, embrace it, get it deep into your spirit, and wait for it to flourish.  His word never returns void, it accomplishes exactly what he sent it to do (Isaiah 55:11).

Oct 1 2013

Free to be Free

Over the past few years I have begun to realize that many Christians are not free.  They are free in the sense that they accepted Christ but they are not free because they have not chosen to walk in the freedom Christ provided.  It’s really easy to get stuck into a rut of thinking your past problems define who you are today.  It’s really easy to allow past struggles to define you.  Many people don’t want to let go of the pain of their past because it has become intertwined with their identity of today.  Holding onto the pain of past negative experiences as a mechanism of protecting yourself from future pain is not healthy.  Galatians 5:1 says “It was for freedom that Christ set us free.”  Anyone who wants to be truly free needs to take the step of giving all their hurts, all their pains, all their bitterness and unforgiveness over to Christ.  It’s a huge step to take and it can be overwhelming to think about forgiving those who have hurt you but it is the only way to move past the past and step into the freedom that you were destined to walk in.  If you are holding onto your past, it is time to let it go.