Feb 22 2014

Jesus in the Mainstream

Why is it when something bad happens it’s all over the news but when something good happens the media won’t touch it?  Why is it that God can be performing miracles all over the planet but most people, including Christians, don’t have any clue what God is doing?  Are we all living in our own little bubbles?  I watched God heal two people tonight and it was just as amazing as the first time I saw a miracle.  Sadly, it will not be on the news.  God will not get all the credit he deserves.  I think the problem is that we have built up walls of separation around the church that keep us isolated.  We need to stop hiding in Christian schools, Christian colleges, and searching for jobs in Christian companies.  Those are all nice things but the heart of God is for us to influence others around us and we can’t do that if we stay in hiding.

It’s time to tear down the walls.
It’s time for Jesus to be mainstream.

Feb 19 2014

No Resume Required

How you ever thought about how your qualifications don’t measure up to God’s standards?  Have you ever wondered why God would choose you to do anything for him?  It’s a mystery why God does the things that he does but there seems to a commonality in how he chooses people.  He’s not looking for a resume full of past accomplishments.  He’s looking for a willing heart that desires to see his will be done.

David was the youngest of all his brothers and was born from an adulterous relationship but that didn’t stop God from anointing him king over Israel and making him an ancestor of Jesus.

Moses was a murderer hiding from justice but a curious event caught his attention and forever sealed his heart to the Lord’s.  And a murderer became one of the greatest leaders the earth has ever seen.

Ruth wasn’t even a Jew but she had a heart to serve her mother in law and to serve the God of her dead husband’s people.  And a gentile became the great grandmother of King David.

God doesn’t choose us based on what we have already accomplished but rather because he knows what we can accomplish.  He doesn’t select us because of our qualifications; he does it because of our heart.