May 15 2014

Religion is stupid

Have you ever noticed how some churches become so religious that they forget their mission? We tend to focus on things like the order of the service, comfortable seats to sit in, the need to wear your “Sunday best” when you show up, and we criticize others who don’t act the way we do. Not long after Jesus added a tax collector to his inner circle that same tax collector threw a party in his house for Jesus and invited all the other tax collectors to attend as well. The religious leaders didn’t like to see this self-proclaimed Messiah hanging out with what was considered vile members of society at the time (sorry IRS) because it didn’t fit their view of what church is supposed to look like. Jesus’ response was amazing. He said he didn’t come to “call sinners to repentance.” He didn’t come to preach to the choir, he came so that everyone else could get on board. Here’s the deal, religion is stupid! It’s way past time to stop being religious and start living like Jesus. I John 2:6 tells us that we should “walk in the same manner” that Jesus did. Jesus didn’t ignore anyone who needed him regardless of the way they looked or the condition of their heart. Maybe there’s a lesson there somewhere.