Aug 29 2014

Everything starts as a seed

I came across an interesting verse a few weeks ago in Psalms 9:11-12.  It says that light and gladness both start out as seeds.  It got me thinking about the fruit of the Spirit and how that fruit must also grow from a seed.  I’m pretty sure no Christian started out with a large piece of joy or patience but as we grow in our relationship with God the fruit seems to grow in proportion to that relationship.  We have to learn about God’s love before we can really display the love discussed in Galatians and the same goes for all the other fruit as well.  Getting back to the light seed, in Matt. 5 Jesus said that we are the light of the world.  Maybe that starts out as a seed as well and eventually grows into a light that pushes away darkness everywhere we go.  These seed verses have led me to believe that everything starts as a seed and the only way we can achieve what God wants us to do in this life is to steward over that seed, through relationship with the Father, until it grows into fruit.  We will be known by our fruit after all.

Aug 22 2014

The experience of a lifetime

What you have to ask yourself is, “what kind of experience do I want to have with God?”  Do you want more than you have now?  Do you want just an ordinary every day Christian experience?  Do you simply want the same ordinary experience that 99% of all Christians have today?  Sure, your salvation is probably secure.  But there is so much more God has to offer you.  Christianity isn’t just about getting to heaven.  It’s about living a great life.  Look at Abraham, he was highly favored because of his faithfulness.  He was willing to sacrifice anything, even his son, to stay close to God.  Are you willing to do anything God requires of you?  Regardless of the cost, regardless of the requirement; if you know it’s his command, are you willing to obey? This is the mindset you must have, and this is the lifestyle you must lead if you want to break out of the ordinary cycle and step into an extraordinary moment with the ancient of days.

So which is it?  Do you want to settle for an ordinary Christian experience, or do you want to have an experience like nothing you ever had before?

Aug 15 2014

Don’t miss out

Disobedience can keep you from stepping into the role God has already set aside for you and can cause that role to be given to another.  In 1 Sam 13:13-14 Samuel prophesied to Saul that if he had been obedient God would have established his kingdom over Israel for all time.  But what we see is that David’s kingdom was established for all time.  What happened?  Saul was disobedient and as a result, what was planned for him was given to another.  This has incredible application today.  God is in the midst of doing something new today and if you choose to be disobedient you might end up missing out on what he has for you.  And sometimes that disobedience is as simple as ignoring what God is up to.  Don’t risk missing what God has for you; press into him and step into the role for which you were created!

Aug 8 2014

Be the gospel

Jesus didn’t give of himself to get something back and that shouldn’t be our attitude either.  He intentionally loved the world to be a blessing.  It’s that aggressive and intentional love that gets people’s attention.  People followed Jesus because they saw something in him that they wanted.  Sure there were those who just wanted to see miracles but I suspect most of the crowd was there because they recognized love when they saw it.  It was attractive to them.  But it’s not attractive anymore.

The Bible has these principles of sowing and reaping but some have taken that to such a greedy level that they only give because they want to get something back.  What happened to giving simply because we want to bless someone?  The church needs to get to the point where we give because we love.  We are called to be light in a dark world.  We have this awesome privilege to radiate Jesus everywhere we go because he lives in us.  People should want to be like us! Do good because your father is good.  Don’t just preach the gospel, be the gospel!

Aug 1 2014

Keep striking

Sometimes we have to press in to receive what we need from the Lord.  It is so easy to spend just a few minutes in prayer and walk away hoping we will receive what we have asked for but the final prophecy of Elisha in 2 Kings 13:18-19 paints a different picture.  The king was told to strike the ground but stopped after three times.  Elisha didn’t tell him how many times to strike but the kings desire to defeat his enemy did not rise to the level of repeatedly striking the ground over and over again.  Because of this, Elisha told him if he would have struck the ground 6 or 7 times the outcome would have been different.  When you need a breakthrough, when you are up against a serious challenge, don’t stop asking Him for help, don’t give up.  Keep striking heaven with your prayers until you receive the breakthrough!