Dec 26 2014

Fight from victory

Everyone needs someone to turn to when they need justice or resolution for a problem. This was a lot easier to accomplish a few thousand years ago when kings ruled over nations and one person generally decided the fate for the whole community (maybe not always fair, but easier). But in today’s environment, if you were to go to a president asking for justice he would send you to the courts because he doesn’t have the authority to resolve legal matters. And if you go to the courts you will find they are limited by the constraints of the laws written be legislators. But if you had a king you could go to one person and get an authoritative ruling on any issue. This is because a king is seated with absolute authority over his domain. No one in the kingdom can question anything he says and all are subject to his rule. The first chapter of Ephesians shows us that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, far above all other rule, power, authority, and dominion. Everything is under his authoritative rule. So anything Jesus decrees has to happen. There is never a scenario where the universe doesn’t obey his command. Even satan must adhere to his rule. Then when we flip to the next chapter we find out that we are seated with Jesus. That puts us in a place of authority as well. We are co-ruling and co-reigning with Jesus. So that means that any circumstance we face can end with a decree. We can issue decrees on God’s behalf, that are in line with his purposes, and expect those decrees to happen and to be carried out. We don’t have to fight for victory because Jesus already secured it through his death and resurrection. We fight from victory and that is a much better place to be.



Dec 19 2014

Even the simple things matter

So many of the physical miracles in the Bible deal with big diseases like leprosy, blindness, deafness, or being crippled and it’s really easy to think that more simple sicknesses are not miracle worthy. I remember offering prayer to a guy once who refused because he didn’t want God to waste any time or power on his relatively minor problem and that He should instead focus on bigger issues. It’s pretty easy to fall into that way of thinking; it’s easy to say “it’s just a cold, it will go away by itself in a few days.” Or “the doctor can take care of it so I don’t need God to intervene.” I love modern medicine but why would we ever take this perspective? When Jesus went to Peter’s house He healed his mother in law of a fever. He didn’t say, “it’s just a fever, it will be gone by tomorrow.” His perspective is different and His compassion is unreserved. And it’s the same in any other part of life. There really is nothing too small or too big that God can’t handle and there is nothing we need that he doesn’t care about. Jesus gave this great example about how God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers; if He cares about flowers, then he definitely cares about every need of every person on the planet. So no matter what you are in need of, God is ready to help. And when you encounter someone else with a need you can confidently declare His goodness because when we minister out of love it doesn’t matter what the problem is; there should never be a time where we pass up an opportunity to reveal God’s goodness even in the midst of the simplest of problems.

Dec 12 2014

What am I here for?

Did you ever stop and think about why you exist? Especially in the light of everything that is going on in the world (both good and bad), do you ever wonder if you have some type of divine purpose? So many people are going through life with no clue about their true identity. God has something very special planned for every person and right now is one of the most exciting times to be alive on earth because he is about to start using people in new and amazing ways. Ask him what you are supposed to be doing and go after it. And don’t let your experience determine your success. Passionately pursuing what God has for you is worth so much more than pursuing what others consider good experience. God made Solomon incredibly wise in an instant, and when you are pursing him, he hill deposit into your life exactly what you need to be the person he created you to be in the perfect moment that it is supposed to happen. You exist to uniquely impact the world in a way that only you can do. All of creation is waiting for you to realize your divine destiny and to step into that purpose. Can you see God stretching out his hand? Can you hear him telling you that you don’t have to worry because he has everything perfectly aligned? So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

Dec 5 2014

Stop settling for less

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how few churches there are in America that are experiencing a powerful move of God. There are a lot of churches that believe in the gifts of the Spirit but so few of them are actually experiencing what God has made available to his church. I have spent most my life in churches that believe in things like prophecy and miraculous healings but I have been in very few that actually see either of those things happen. So I was wondering why that is. How is it that so many people can believe in the supernatural ability of God to intervene in people’s lives but never actually experience it? More importantly, how is it that you could believe in it, never see it, and be ok with that? Why have we settled for less? If you believe in salvation but never see anyone give their life to Christ do you wonder if your church is doing something wrong? I love praying for people and I love seeing miracles but there are a lot of hurting people out there and a relatively small group of people can’t reach them all. We need more Christians stepping into the reality of who they were created to be. We need more people chasing after the things of God so that they can release his love to those who need it. If every Christian took up the challenge Jesus gave in Matthew 10:1, and viewed Mark 16:15-18 as a reality we all could walk in, the world would be changed very quickly. It’s time to turn belief into action.