Dec 21 2018

The Great Deception of Enneagram

One of the things I love about Jesus is that when you spend time with him, he reveals your true identity to you. Did you know that God has uniquely created each one of us with an incredible purpose and plan that we have the amazing opportunity to live out every day? Something I have discovered, and have come to believe strongly, is that we cannot fully step into what God has for our life if we don’t know who we are. I have also discovered that the enemy of our soul is constantly looking for a way to speak into our lives, so that he can keep us confused about our personality, our giftings, our identity, and the purpose for which we were created. Not knowing your true identity is one of the greatest issues in the church today, and the only place we can find that identity is in Jesus. No other method or system will ever be able to reveal the truth of our identity. It’s only found in Jesus. But sadly, so many followers of Jesus are searching for who they are in all the wrong places.

A recent craze has infiltrated the church in the form of a spiritual personality test known as Enneagram that purports to help you with self-discovery, but what many people are not aware of is that it is based on Buddhist, Hindu, and other religious principles which have been twisted into something that “sounds” Christian and is actually nothing short of evil. It’s a practice that looks good on the surface, but just because something sounds spiritual, doesn’t mean it has come from God or is a good practice to incorporate into our lives. We have to get wisdom from God on what we should allow into our lives and discern what spirit is behind these types of practices. Again, our identity has to come from Jesus. It makes me wonder why people are willing to pursue an encounter with the “ancient Enneagram” instead of pursuing an encounter with the Ancient of Days. Why are we so uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit, but perfectly accepting of a strange mystical practice? Why are we pursuing other spiritual practices instead of delving deeper into God?

If any believer is looking for their identity apart from Jesus, they are looking in the wrong place. And, even worse, if any believer is using a system, such as Enneagram, that is directly contrary to the word of God, they are openly inviting the demons behind that system to have authority in their life. Does that sound a little intense, or scary? It should! We are cautioned in 1 Cor. 10 that demonic forces are behind the other religions of the world. When God directed us not to follow after other gods, he did so because he knew those “other gods” were actually demons pretending to be gods. When someone searches for “truth” in any belief system other than Jesus, their search leads straight to a demon. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. It’s dangerous and can have serious consequences. Believe me, you don’t want to invite them to be a part of your life!

Here’s the great news; don’t feel ashamed if you got sucked into the Enneagram craze. Just ask Jesus for forgiveness and renounce any partnership with Enneagram. If you are a leader that has encouraged others to use the Enneagram, you have a responsibility to make it right. Feel free to contact us if you need helping walking through this process.

There are plenty of great non-spiritual personality and strength finding tests you can take, but when the personality test is based on religious beliefs that are contrary to God’s commands, you should steer clear of it.

If you would like to read more about the spiritual roots of Enneagram, we’ve put together a free biblically based resource that goes a little deeper into this topic. You can find it here:

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Dec 14 2018


I was reading in a book this week about the importance of being content, and how being discontent can potentially lead us down the path of coveting what others have, or becoming jealous of the successes that we see in other people’s lives. It’s an interesting thing to think about because we all have needs that need to be met, and in some seasons, it takes longer to see those needs fulfilled, and that can easily lead to a place of discontentment. Hebrews 13:5-6 instructs us to be content with what we have because we can be confident that the Lord is our helper and will never leave us. If he promised something in his written word, through prophecy, or through a direct revelation to us, we can be sure that he will do what he said. Proverbs 13:12 tells us that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but if our hope is in Jesus, it is never deferred! We just have to change our perspective to hoping in his promises which are always fulfilled. We have so many prophetic words about what God is going to do in Washington D.C., and we would have loved to have seen all of them happen by now, but we now there is a perfect timing to his plan, so the best thing for us to do is be content where we are, and continue to wait on the Lord to fulfill his promises. If we go in the opposite direction, we risk the danger of falling into a trap of the enemy and believing a lie that we can’t accomplish our goals, fulfill our mission, or live out the purpose God has put within us. Paul talked about being content in every situation, and it’s a great reminder for all us. Be encouraged that God is on your side, that he has amazing plans for your life, and be content with where he has you right now. As long as we remain in his will, he will get us where we need to be in his perfect timing.

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Dec 7 2018


Is there more to Christianity than just getting into heaven?  Jesus said in Matthew 5:6 that we would be blessed and filled if we hungered for righteousness.  Being hungry isn’t a surface level experience.  It’s more than a quick prayer and filling out a card.  Being hungry means you can’t live without more.  That without being filled you will wither away and die.  And at some point you will be hungry again so you’ll need to be refilled on a regular basis.  That’s what God wants for us.  He wants us to be in a constant state of desire for more of Him.  That’s what gets us closer to the throne and there’s really no better place to be.  May we all have an insatiable hunger for more of God’s presence and an even greater desire to release that presence into the lives of everyone we meet!