Apr 24 2020

The experience of a lifetime

What you have to ask yourself is, “what kind of experience do I want to have with God?”  Do you want more than you have now?  Do you want just an ordinary every day Christian experience?  Do you simply want the same ordinary experience that 99% of all Christians have today?  Sure, your salvation is probably secure.  But there is so much more God has to offer you.  Christianity isn’t just about getting to heaven.  It’s about living a great life.  Look at Abraham, he was highly favored because of his faithfulness.  He was willing to sacrifice anything, even his son, to stay close to God.  Are you willing to do anything God requires of you?  Regardless of the cost, regardless of the requirement; if you know it’s his command, are you willing to obey? This is the mindset you must have, and this is the lifestyle you must lead if you want to break out of the ordinary cycle and step into an extraordinary moment with the ancient of days.

So which is it?  Do you want to settle for an ordinary Christian experience, or do you want to have an experience like nothing you ever had before?

Apr 17 2020

That’s a Good Word

Any word God speaks is a word from his kingdom.  Words spoken from his kingdom are not simple suggestions but are powerful declarations.  Think about this, when God spoke the world into existence there wasn’t any resistance.  God commanded light to come onto the scene and it burst forth instantaneously.  He spoke a word from his kingdom and it impacted the universe in exactly how he intended.  So when this same God speaks a word for our lives we need to receive that as a seed placed in good soil and steward it until it grows into what he declared.  Jesus gives us an amazing insight in Matthew 13 where he discusses the different ways a seed can be received.

That spoken word is like a seed spread into a field.  Growth of that seed can be stunted by not understanding the word, failing to care for it because of persecution, or choking it off by worrying about if it will come to pass.  The only way it will grow into what God destined it to be is if your heart is willing to receive it.  When God speaks to you, don’t think about whether or not it is a true word or whether or not it will come to pass.  Receive it, embrace it, get it deep into your spirit, and wait for it to flourish.  His word never returns void, it accomplishes exactly what he sent it to do (Isaiah 55:11).

Apr 10 2020

Come as you are

Did you ever hear the story about the woman that washed Jesus’ feet? And she didn’t just wash them with a bucket of water. She washed them with her tears, dried them with her hair, and dumped some perfume on them as well. The religious leaders who were in the room at the time questioned what was happening and even challenged Jesus’ status because the woman was a sinner. They were offended that a sinner would come to Jesus, let alone wash his feet. And they were offended that Jesus would let a sinner get so close. Really? You hold a leadership position within a synagogue and you’re offended that a sinner is trying to get close to God? No wonder Jesus often referred to the Pharisees as hypocrites. Jesus modeled a perfect example of God’s predisposition towards sinners. He is not predisposed to judge, he is predisposed to love and forgive. Yeah, judgment will happen at some point and those who remain sinners will end up in a bad spot. But Jesus showed us a simple concept. You don’t have to get cleaned up before you can sit at his feet. Come as you are. Jesus will receive you.