Jul 24 2020

You’re right on track…

David may not have implicitly known that the Messiah would be born through his lineage but it seems interesting that in Psalm 69:6 he wrote about being concerned that others who were waiting would be ashamed as a result of his actions. I used to wonder if I have missed divine appointments, if any of my past actions have cause me to miss something or caused a delay of what God wanted to do. I’m sure it’s something many people think about from time to time as they try to figure out God’s plan for their lives. But then I think about the star that appeared when Jesus was born. Many scientists believe that this star was actually several stars or planets that came into close proximity and the combined light from each of them made a very bright star in the sky. What’s interesting is that the universe is like a giant clock so God always knew when that star would appear because he started the universe spinning at precisely the point needed for the star to show on the preselected day. So nothing that anyone ever did could affect the timeline of Jesus’ arrival.

God knows what time it is and nothing will stop him! If you are pursuing him then he will get you where you need to be to accomplish his purpose for your life. You haven’t missed your opportunity! Keep pushing forward!

Jul 17 2020

Does grace abound?

“For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings” – Hosea 6:6

“Law without grace is legalism and grace without law is lawlessness” – Ralph Messer

A friend recently asked for our thoughts on the following comment/question:

“A person says they love God, but lives a party life. They believe God is faithful, but are worldly. Does grace abound?”

The term “party lifestyle” can take on many different meanings to different people but the crux of this question seems to be more about our responsibilities as Christians to follow Gods rules. The Bible clearly teaches that grace is available for all who seek it and that God prefers mercy over sacrifice (or even punishment). Can man continuously sin and expect Gods grace and mercy to be available?

I am reminded of the story in Exodus of the Pharaoh who enslaved the Israelites. I’ve always found it interesting and yet a bit peculiar that God would cause Pharaoh to be disobedient through the hardening of his heart and then punish his disobedience with a plague; not just once, but 4 times!

I am also reminded of a good friend of mine who once told me that we are commanded to pray for our enemies but we are not commanded to pray for Gods enemies–who are Gods enemies? More importantly, how does one become the enemy of God?

Satan is obviously one of Gods enemies. It would be silly to even consider praying for his salvation. He tried to stage a coup in heaven and now works to defeat Gods plans for humanity–and he has definitely earned the title “enemy of God.” Did Pharaoh also earn this title? Did the one who enslaved all of Israel become Gods enemy? Mercy is available for anyone who asks but Pharaoh was unable to ask because God hardened his heart. Perhaps Pharaoh too earned the title “enemy of God.”

Now back to the original question, God requires us to live a life that is pleasing to him but he also knows that we will make mistakes and so he makes his grace and mercy available to us. So long as you don’t make yourself an enemy of God, grace and mercy will always be available to you.

Yes, grace does abound!

Jul 10 2020

Completely Consumed

Zeal for your house consumes me. – Psalm 69:9

I want to be totally consumed with the notion of pursuing his kingdom and bringing it to earth. I want to be totally consumed with a passion to see people touched everywhere I go. I want my life to be totally consumed with his presence. It’s birthed as an enthusiastic response to what he has done in me and for me. It can’t simply be a religious notion of doing the right thing. It is so much bigger than that. It is so much more encompassing than a Christian byline. Consumed to see people set free from everything holding them back. Physical freedom. Spiritual freedom. It’s a driving force that keeps me moving forward in the midst of adversity because the prize is so much greater than the cost. Not a prize as a reward for winning but a prize of seeing others walk into a kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy. There is no greater honor than to carry his presence but it must be combined with the selfless desire to impact lives, communities, cities, nations, and every sphere of influence on the earth. Zeal for your house, for your kingdom, consumes me.