Dec 18 2020


There’s something about a good mystery that really intrigues me. I love trying to figure out the different plot lines in a movie, TV show, or book before the story comes to an end. I actually get this strange sense of achievement or victory whenever I can unravel the mystery half way through the story. Pursuing God is a lot like a good mystery. There is so much about him that we don’t understand and each new revelation takes us deeper into the reality of who he is. I love the mystery of who God is and I love pursuing him because it is in the pursuit that we get another clue to who he is and what he is doing. Each time we draw close it’s like unwrapping another layer to his identity, seeing his face from another perspective, and catching a new glimpse of his heart’s desire for us. Sometimes I just want him to tell me what is next so I can be prepared for what is coming but that also takes the surprise out of the equation. Just like a kid waiting for Christmas morning and wondering what is behind all the wrapping paper under the tree. There is a curiosity and excitement that goes with unwrapping each one of those gifts. And there is a curiosity with unwrapping each new season God has planned for us. Even as we wait for revelation, breakthrough, or for the waiting to be over, it’s important to enjoy the thrill of the mystery because knowing what’s coming isn’t nearly as exciting as having it all revealed in the moment. Enjoy the thrill, enjoy the moment, enjoy the pursuit.


Dec 12 2020

No Resume Required

How you ever thought about how your qualifications don’t measure up to God’s standards?  Have you ever wondered why God would choose you to do anything for him?  It’s a mystery why God does the things that he does but there seems to a commonality in how he chooses people.  He’s not looking for a resume full of past accomplishments.  He’s looking for a willing heart that desires to see his will be done.

David was the youngest of all his brothers and was born from an adulterous relationship but that didn’t stop God from anointing him king over Israel and making him an ancestor of Jesus.

Moses was a murderer hiding from justice but a curious event caught his attention and forever sealed his heart to the Lord’s.  And a murderer became one of the greatest leaders the earth has ever seen.

Ruth wasn’t even a Jew but she had a heart to serve her mother in law and to serve the God of her dead husband’s people.  And a gentile became the great grandmother of King David.

God doesn’t choose us based on what we have already accomplished but rather because he knows what we can accomplish.  He doesn’t select us because of our qualifications; he does it because of our heart.

Dec 4 2020

Kingdom Culture

Have you ever noticed that when you travel to a foreign country the culture of the people is often different from the culture you are used to? And the more remote of a location you travel to tends to have even more extreme cultural differences. It might seem strange to us but we generally accept these differences because of the different environments people are raised in. I have found that cultural differences even exist between different churches. This is why you can see God do amazing things in one church and then see nothing supernatural happen at all in other churches. I grew up believing in the supernatural power of God but would only see it on occasion and now I see his power on display all the time. What’s the difference? I changed my culture.

Jesus often used this phrase, “the kingdom of heaven has come near” and I tend to think that he was trying to show the people that the culture of his kingdom is different from the culture they were living in. Kingdom culture is different. It is foreign to those who aren’t familiar to it and it may even look a little strange to those who have not been exposed to it before. We often say things like “this might sound a little weird” when we approach a total stranger to demonstrate God’s love through healing, prophecy, etc. That’s our way of making people feel a little more comfortable with the supernatural but once they have an encounter with God it starts to change their culture and it doesn’t seem so weird anymore.

What we need within the church is a change of the cultural mindset. But changing a cultural mindset, especially within the church, is a tough job. It can’t be forced. It has to be done in a loving way that invites others to explore the more of God that they have been missing out on. God has so much more for all of us and if we would simply embrace the notion that “the kingdom of heaven has come near” we would start to witness even more of what God wants to do in us and through us.

Maybe it’s time for a cultural revolution.