Jan 15 2021

Love or Power

I’ve been writing a lot about love and intimacy lately. There is this passion within me to see the love of God pour through every believer because without love all ministry is pointless. 1 Corinthians 13 paints this picture of how prophecy, tongues, faith, etc. are all worthless when love is not the core element within each. It’s so true. I have seen people minister from pride; their words were amazing but their heart was in the wrong place. I have also seen people minister from love and the difference is night and day. Love is the key. Love always has to be the key. But there is another side to this story. Without love the gifts of the Spirit are pointless. But love without power is also pointless. I feel like we can flip this chapter around and say that love without power is nothing more than good intentions. I can love someone. I can teach them great Christian principles. But if I do not have the power to actually set them free from the addictions they are fighting, bring them deliverance from the demons that haunt them, or release joy and peace into their lives then I am still just making noise. People need to know true freedom and we aren’t doing a good enough job. Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the power came. What if we told all the believers to do the same. What if every believer was a passionate lover of God, loved every other person with God’s love, AND operated in the gifts of the Spirit? That would really change the landscape of the church. Power without love is pointless. Love without power is also pointless. There has to be a combination of the two to see people set completely free.

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Jan 8 2021


Understanding God might seem tough especially when we look at the world around us and try to make sense of why he allows all the craziness we see on a regular basis. But once we get a feel for his nature it makes it a lot easier to realize that he is actively working to get us where he needs us to be. God’s early interaction with creation gives us some great insight into that nature; one of his first actions after creating mankind was to bless us. His relationship with Adam started with a blessing and an invitation to co-create with him by naming all the animals. God shows us right from the beginning that it is his nature to hang out with us, give us opportunities to help him, and to lavish his love on us. The problem is that we allow our perspective of God to be skewed by life’s situations and then start to wonder if he cares or if he is even listening. Throughout the Old Testament we see Israel in this constant back and forth struggle between following God or joining in on what the surrounding nations were doing. What I find so amazing about this is that God consistently responds with an invitation for the people to come back to him. Yes, there are prophecies about judgment but that judgment was only released because the nation ignored the invitation. Many of the bible’s prophetic books include God’s desire for the people to reconcile with him and have the added bonus of immediate restoration. His desire is to bless his creation. His nature is to see us succeed in the plans he has for us. It’s a new year so let’s start it off with the right perspective of what God thinks about all of us and toss aside any notion that doesn’t line up with his nature.


Jan 1 2021

What am I here for?

Did you ever stop and think about why you exist? Especially in the light of everything that is going on in the world (both good and bad), do you ever wonder if you have some type of divine purpose? So many people are going through life with no clue about their true identity. God has something very special planned for every person and right now is one of the most exciting times to be alive on earth because he is about to start using people in new and amazing ways. Ask him what you are supposed to be doing and go after it. And don’t let your experience determine your success. Passionately pursuing what God has for you is worth so much more than pursuing what others consider good experience. God made Solomon incredibly wise in an instant, and when you are pursing him, he hill deposit into your life exactly what you need to be the person he created you to be in the perfect moment that it is supposed to happen. You exist to uniquely impact the world in a way that only you can do. All of creation is waiting for you to realize your divine destiny and to step into that purpose. Can you see God stretching out his hand? Can you hear him telling you that you don’t have to worry because he has everything perfectly aligned? So what are you waiting for? Jump in!