A place for Jesus

As we walk out our daily life, I find it incredibly important to make sure no person, no thing, and no activity ever takes the place of Jesus. It’s easy to let life get so busy that we forget about being intentional with, what should be, the most important relationship in our lives. And it’s easy to let other people or stuff fall into the slot that Jesus should be occupying. I recently heard someone share a story about how they discerned a young lady was emotionally distressed after a bad breakup with her boyfriend. He looked her in the eyes and told her that the reason it hit her so hard is because her boyfriend took the place of Jesus in her life. And now that space was empty again. We can’t afford to let anything else take that place. When we do, it can throw everything else off balance. Whether that space is filled by other people, activities, work, etc., if it isn’t Jesus, we will never find true fulfillment. Everything we do in life has to flow from a place of intimacy with Jesus. When we keep him first, we hear from him more clearly, and are able to minister more effectively in everyday life. So, I intentionally make sure I have time set aside every day for just me and Jesus. Usually that takes place early in the morning, and then again at several points throughout the day. By keeping him first, I will always be ready to represent him in any situation or environment. There is a proper place for everything, let’s keep Jesus in the number one slot.

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