A season for loving

I woke up from a nap yesterday to the sound of worship music and I thought that I must have left something playing on my computer in the other room. I checked a few minutes later and found that there wasn’t any kind of music being played in the house and yet, I very clearly heard the Tim Hughes song, Here I am to Worship, playing in my ear. So the only logical explanation was that I was hearing it come from somewhere else, most likely the spirit realm. Then, as I sat down to write, I kept hearing the opening lyrics to Time of the Season from the 60’s play in my head. I’m not a 60’s child, I missed that era by at least a decade, and I don’t think every line from this song was written with righteous intentions, but this one, “it’s the time of the season for loving” jumped out at me. There are pockets of turmoil happening around the world and in our own country, and it’s easy to get swept up in the anger and frustration of all that is happening but I feel like God is calling us to a deeper place of worshiping him and a focused approach to loving others. It’s a season of loving him and loving those that he created; a season for loving. It’s time to toss out all agenda, tear down walls of separation, and truly begin to walk out the command of Jesus to love our neighbor as ourselves. I also feel like there’s another aspect to this and that the Lord is saying he wants us to have a greater realization of his love for us because, when we learn to live inside of his love, loving others becomes incredibly easy. Take some extra time today to bask in God’s love and find a way to intentionally share his love with someone you would not normally spend any time with; you might be surprised how quickly a wall can come down through an action of love. Love really does conquer all.

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