A supernatural God

I find it funny that so many churches are afraid to entertain the idea that God could actually show up in their church in a supernatural way. So many people are praying for revival, which is great, but I wonder what would happen if God actually showed up in a similar fashion to what we see in the Bible. How would pastors react if a pillar of fire suddenly appeared floating in the middle of the air? What would the congregation do if a rushing mighty wind blew through the room and flames of fire showed up on everyone’s heads? I tend to think that if God showed up exactly as he did in the Bible most people would be accepting of it because it could easily be compared with what we see in scripture. But when we see things like people falling down, shaking, or laughing uncontrollably when the power of God falls on them a lot of people tend to get a little weirded out; maybe because it is outside their paradigm of how God works.

The interesting thing is that the rest of human civilization doesn’t seem to have any problem with the supernatural. No one seems concerned or weirded out when they walk past a fortune tellers shop and many people will walk into one out of curiosity to have their palm read or hear about what their future may hold. Tens of thousands of people show up every year for the annual burning man event in Nevada which is essentially a few days of activities designed to help people connect to the spiritual realm. And lots of eastern religions openly discuss their ideas of spiritual enlightenment, trances that take their spirits to other places, and similar supernatural events. Now, of course, I am not comparing any of this to Christianity but it does highlight the reality that people are very interested in the supernatural and if Christians are not teaching people the correct perspective than they will go somewhere else to learn about it.

God is a supernatural being so we should expect him to show up in supernatural ways and we should teach people, or equip them as Ephesians 4 mentions, so that they can be properly prepared to discern between when God is moving and when it is something different. We can’t ignore who God is, so the only alternative is to press deep into our relationship with him and learn more about him so we recognize when he shows up.

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