Act like a kid

We just returned from an amazing trip to New Zealand and while we were there the Lord showed me how to have childlike faith and how acting like a child within His kingdom can bring amazing results.  I was ministering together with a new friend and I was intrigued by the way he prayed for others who were hungry for more of God.  He didn’t pray long prayers; in fact he didn’t even use words.  He would simply touch people and make funny noises like bzzt, psh, or boom.  I laughed as I watched him because it was pretty funny but I was also amazed at how the presence of God powerfully hit the people he was praying for.  Then God gave me an image of a father sitting in a chair in his home with some kids playing on the floor in front of him.  This daddy took pleasure in watching his kids play and share with each other.  Our heavenly daddy likes to watch us play and have fun as we share what he has given us with others.  We don’t need to be stoic and serious when we pray over others.  Christianity was never designed to be boring, it was designed to be exciting and fun.  So start acting like a kid and have fun!

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