Act One

One of my favorite prophetic stories in the Old Testament is the story of Elisha taking over for Elijah when the time came for God to take him off of the earth. Most believers know the story about the supernatural events that took Elijah to heaven but it’s not the fiery chariot or falling mantle that strikes me as so interesting; what interests me is how Elisha acted after his promotion. On Elisha’s first day on the job, his very first act as the Prophet of Israel was to part the waters of the Jordan river. Just a few minutes after receiving Elijah’s mantle he immediately performed a miracle. He didn’t wait a few years to grow into his position. He didn’t wait for more training. He didn’t seek out a bunch of great leaders to find out if he should do what Elijah used to do. Somehow, he recognized that his identity included the ability to operate in the supernatural realm and he went right to the water with an expectation that it would divide in front of him.

This is the attitude we need to have today. It’s so easy to think that we need to grow into our giftings or wait for God to show up in some powerful way before we can actually go out and have an impact on the world around us. Jesus said “these signs will follow those who believe…” so the very instant that someone gives their life to Jesus they take on a new identity and every promise of Jesus is instantly available to them. A brand new Christian can go right out into a group of sick people and expect miracles to happen. Moving in the supernatural becomes our birthright the minute we are born again. Do we need training? Of course! There is much we need to learn but at some point we also have to step out in faith; part of the learning process in using the gifts of the Spirit is to actually use them. Elisha stepped right into his position and I think that’s a good model for us to follow today as well.

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