Active, not passive

Did you ever notice that Jesus was incredibly active in his ministry on earth?  We don’t see any passivity.  He wasn’t just hanging out waiting for others to come to him.  He was constantly on the move traveling from place to place to share about his kingdom and to bring healing and freedom to everyone he encountered.  Today’s church model is a little different because we tend to shrink back into the four walls of a building and minister to those who show up; a lot of times this means ministering to the same people over and over again.  There’s nothing wrong with that model but there is a better way to do church.  We need to be active not passive.  We need to be an active response in a passive world by releasing good news of his kingdom everywhere we go. Now I’m not talking about being the megaphone guy on the street corner screaming at everyone who walks by. But what if you could share a prophetic word with a waiter at a restaurant?  Or maybe pray for a sick person sitting next to you on an airplane.  What would the world look like if we started doing the things Jesus did in the same way he did them?  So the next time you walk out your front door ask God to send someone to you that you are equipped to help and then get ready for a great adventure.

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