Unaltered Timelines

I’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging and I’m back this week with some thoughts about how our actions affect God’s plans for the timeline of our lives. Have you ever wondered if mistakes you have made have kept you from being used by God? Have you ever thought that your past has somehow altered or delayed what God wanted to do through you? Have you considered the possibility that you messed up just enough to change God’s mind about your situation? I have good news for you, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no.

God saw every action you would take before he ever spoke the universe into existence. He saw all the decisions and all the mistakes, and he formed his plans for you around those decisions. He knew when you would say yes to him and he established predetermined times and seasons that lined up with your decision to follow him. Nothing you have ever done has surprised God and as long as you have said yes to him, none of it has affected his plans for you. Let’s look at a few stories from the Bible for comparison.

God saw the life Saul would live, the torturous acts he would take towards Christians, and still predetermined the date of the encounter that would change Saul to Paul and shift the direction of his life. A murderer became an apostle and ended up writing more books of the Bible than anyone else. Then we look at one of David’s major mistakes when he had an affair with Bathsheba; it was a big deal but it didn’t keep Jesus from being born in his lineage and didn’t alter the predetermined time for Jesus’ birth. God knew the mistakes David would make and still predetermined that the Messiah would be born through his family line.

Each of these events and many more occurred at a predetermined point in time that no action could ever altar. Those moments were established long before the accounts of Genesis 1:1 ever took place. Nothing we have ever done has been a surprise to God and none of it has altered the timeline of when he will release his promises into our lives. Maybe you are in a season of waiting right now. Maybe you are wondering when God is going to make good on his promises. And maybe you are wondering if you did something that caused a delay in God’s response. Listen, if God made a promise, he has to fulfill it. There is no other option. Hold onto the promise, hold onto your faith, keep saying yes, and know that the plans of God are greater than the actions of any person.

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