Anyone can rule with a heavy hand but a good leader rules with a heavy heart.

There are many different types of leaders and managers in the world but many of them do not understand how to effectively lead their people.  It is easy to force employees to do something simply because you are the boss but it is much more valuable to lead from wisdom and compassion.  This is what Jesus modeled for us when he encountered the woman caught in adultery in the first part of John chapter 8.  The law allowed for immediate punishment but Jesus taught a quick lesson on mercy instead.  Hosea 6:6 says “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice” and I think that speaks to the heart of God; mercy flows from His heart to all of us.  Most leaders recognize that there is sometimes a need for discipline but it would be wise to remember the model Jesus gives us.  And I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone better to emulate.

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