Atmosphere of hope


There have been a lot of tragedies in the news lately with stories about lone gunmen shooting up churches, movie theaters, and military buildings in different parts of the country. It’s real easy when a string of violence happens for people to lose hope and begin to think that the world has changed for the worse. Yes, there are a lot of problems but I tend to think that we can easily shift those problems and restore hope by living with the expectation that atmospheres will shift when we show up. Christians have a great opportunity to positively impact society simply by being who God created us to be. People lined up to hear Solomon teach or to have him provide wisdom for a particular situation; even famous people came to hear what he had to say. God gave him this great gift of wisdom and he used it to bless not only Israel but the surrounding nations as well. Imagine people forming lines outside of a church, or a house, or a coffee shop, to speak to someone who can actually provide help. The church needs to be known as a place people can come to have their hope restored. We carry the hope of the world, start sharing it with everyone you know. #restorehope

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