Be the gospel

Jesus didn’t give of himself to get something back and that shouldn’t be our attitude either.  He intentionally loved the world to be a blessing.  It’s that aggressive and intentional love that gets people’s attention.  People followed Jesus because they saw something in him that they wanted.  Sure there were those who just wanted to see miracles but I suspect most of the crowd was there because they recognized love when they saw it.  It was attractive to them.  But it’s not attractive anymore.

The Bible has these principles of sowing and reaping but some have taken that to such a greedy level that they only give because they want to get something back.  What happened to giving simply because we want to bless someone?  The church needs to get to the point where we give because we love.  We are called to be light in a dark world.  We have this awesome privilege to radiate Jesus everywhere we go because he lives in us.  People should want to be like us! Do good because your father is good.  Don’t just preach the gospel, be the gospel!

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