Bible Museum

11063886_10200741460616838_6891307162330380010_nWe recently had a chance to visit the construction site of the Museum of the Bible that is being built in Washington D.C. and I am really amazed at the plans they have to put an eight story museum near the National Mall that will display God’s word so everyone can come and see the greatness of our God. As I walked the construction site and looked at the walls that have been torn down to make space for this monumental project I begin to think about Nehemiah’s mission so many years ago to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore the city to its former glory. It wasn’t an easy task assigning people to different jobs and staving off the small band of naysayers who opposed the work that was being done. But he persevered until the project was completed. His worked paved the way for thousands of Jewish exiles to flock back to the city after the walls were in place and I can’t help but wonder how many people will flock to this city, Washington D.C., to see this building filled with relics, historical documents, and technology that brings it all together in the greatest collection of Biblical artifacts in the world. Nehemiah rebuilt a wall and now a museum will include his story and many others for anyone to come and learn about the truth the Bible contains. I am filled with anticipation about all the lives that will forever be changed because of the beacon this building will be within our city. Pray for this to be bigger than anyone expects or imagines!

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