Billy Graham

I’m reflecting on the life of Billy Graham today, and on all the great things he did to advance the Kingdom of God during his 99 years on the earth. It’s amazing, looking back at his life, how much one person can accomplish if they are focused on the mission given to them by God. He was definitely one who knew his calling, knew his identity, and focused his energy into pursuing the dream God had for his life. I love that he was able to impact Presidents, world leaders, and everyday people. He lived out so many qualities every believer should desire to have. He didn’t shy away from the truth of the gospel. He shared his love for Jesus everywhere he went. And he loved people well. I think we could all take a lesson from his life and apply it to our own. I came across a video yesterday about a prophecy given in 2012, by Mark Chironna and Benny Hinn, regarding what God was going to do in and through the church that is going to bring a 21st century manifestation of the Holy Spirit on the earth. It was declared that when Billy Graham died, the shift into this new season would occur. Get ready, I think we are moving into something new. You can take a look at the video here:

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