Can one action be a catalyst for changing a life, a neighborhood, or even a nation? What happens when someone is so impacted by an event in their life that it sparks a desire to do something different or be someone different? I have this idea that if we can be the catalyst that shifts the perspective of someone else’s life, we can create a chain reaction of catalysts that can eventually change the world. And if we can be that catalyst in a handful of lives, we could change the world pretty quickly. Something I try to do when I meet someone new, especially when doing ministry is to give them an encounter with God that they will never forget. We have this amazing opportunity to partner with God and, essentially, get people what they need by pulling it down from heaven. So when someone standing in front of me has a need, I want to show them how much God cares about them by making sure their need is taken care of. So within the realm of supernatural ministry, that could mean a physical healing, inner healing, or deliverance that brings about an immediate change to their lives. That’s a great catalyst. If someone has cancer and suddenly the tumors disappear, it is an event they will never forget and they will most likely go tell their friends and family about what happened. One supernatural event in one person’s life can change their life forever and can easily become the catalyst that changes many more lives. The story in John 4 about the woman at the well is a great example of this. She spent a few minutes with Jesus and then went back into town to tell everyone about this encounter; and, as verse 39 shows us, many people believed in Jesus as a result. One event. One catalyst. Many lives changed. You too can be the encounter that creates the catalyst that changes you neighborhood, city, state, or even nation.

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