Changing Culture

“I don’t believe you and I don’t trust you.” Those were the words of a man we met this week while ministering in our favorite spot. It’s not uncommon for us to get a strange look or awkward comment from someone walking by when they see two white people hanging out in an area some consider to be one of the most dangerous places in Washington D.C. But this was the first time someone overtly told us what they were thinking after they gave us the strange looks. At least he was honest. But he did trust us enough to take a few granola bars and a cup of lemonade! It was clear to us that he had not yet encountered God’s love in a way that tears down the walls we often allow to build up in our lives. My heart breaks for those who have not encountered God’s love. I want everyone I meet to have that encounter, but sometimes we have to build trust so that we have a place to speak into a person’s life. He’ll be back, and we’ll have another chance. Unfortunately, rejection can be part of ministry and we have to be able to push past the rejection so we can continue to love, honor, and value everyone. Jesus was rejected (and still is) on a regular basis but he didn’t let it stop him from fulfilling his mission. If we allow rejection, or any other negative reaction, to impact or affect us, it can lessen our ability and effectiveness in bringing the goodness of His kingdom into a situation. We change culture, culture doesn’t change us; that has to be the perspective. Don’t let anything slow you down, push past anything negative that comes your way, be a conduit of God’s love, and watch the culture change around you.

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