In the game of chess, many games can end up in a situation where the strength of one of the players causes the other player to be in an unwinnable position. This typically comes about by the stronger player using a better strategy or employing more accurate tactics to force their opponent into a passive defensive roll. In this situation, a player, when recognizing they can no longer win, can choose to resign the game and no longer delay their inevitable fate, or they can make moves that delays their loss causing the game to continue for several more moves. I have found that the enemy of our soul likes to use similar delaying tactics against us. He knows that he has already lost the battle, but he tries to throw things into our path to slow us down from arriving at the place God has planned for our lives. He can’t win. He has already lost. But too many believers don’t fully live as if this is true. And this allows him to put things in our way. OK, so what does this actually look like? It looks like lies that he tricks us into believing. It looks like fears that he whispers into our ears. It looks like a myriad of other things that he knows we are susceptible to just so he can throw us off guard. I’ll say it again, he can’t win. So if we just ignore his stupid antics and focus on “every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” we will be successful in the mission God has given to us. As long as we toss aside his distractions, he can never be victorious in our lives. The easiest way to do this is to practice being in the presence of God every day. Practice listening to the voice of your Father. When you do, you will quickly recognize when it is a different voice and toss it aside. You have something the world needs. The devil wants to distract you so that you can’t be who God created you to be. Don’t let him do it!

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