Come Holy Spirit

“Come, Holy Spirit!” This phrase has popped up in some streams of Christianity and is often used within those streams to invite God’s presence into a service, room, situation, etc.  But to some it can be confusing because God is already omnipresent so why would we need to invite him into our midst? I have also heard people pray with the opposite focus using phrases like “God you are already here so we don’t need to invite you.” So which is it?  Do we need to invite Him or not?

In Rev. 3:20, Jesus says that he is standing outside the door, knocking, and waiting to come in.  He is waiting to be invited in.  He is everywhere and yet he is also waiting for an invitation. There is a difference between His omnipresence and His manifest presence. Omnipresence is God’s natural ability to be everywhere at once but there are different levels of his manifest presence. We see this reality in Moses’ interaction with God on the mountain, God’s presence in the holy of holies, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the upper room just to name a few.  Read any book about what happened at Azusa St. and you will also see examples of a more intense level of his presence.

We invite Him because we want to experience deeper levels of his love and more tangible levels of his presence. Sometimes the air starts to feel a little thicker as if you are standing in a cloud. And in these thicker levels of his presence we often experience the attributes of God in a much deeper way.

So I say, “Come, Holy Spirit!”

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