Count the cost

“I need to count the cost;” That’s a phrase in Christianity that I hear sometimes when someone is trying to decide whether or not they should step into a ministry position or make a change in their lives that requires some form of sacrifice. It’s this idea that we need to know what serving Christ will cost us before we decide to make the choice. I get it. We have a need to know what we are getting ourselves into. But, really, it’s the wrong perspective. The cost is irrelevant. All that is relevant is what God has directed us to do. If God says go, we need to go. There may be a high cost involved, but we need to be willing to give up anything and everything to pursue what he has for us, to go where he sends us, and to do what he has created us to do. Giving up everything to serve him isn’t an easy task, but over time, it should become clear to us that nothing else matters in comparison to what God wants us to accomplish for his purpose during our lives. Jesus gave up everything to come to earth, teach us the principles of his kingdom, show us how to represent him, and most importantly, to die for the sins of the world. He gave up everything for us. So, what cost is there really to count? God has created each one of us with a purpose that can transform a part of the world to look like his kingdom. Jesus taught us to pray for the kingdom to come to earth. It is so important to him that his kingdom be established on earth that he made it part of the model prayer. My perspective on this is a little different from most people, and maybe that is because we have already given up everything to see the world around us impacted by his kingdom. The expansion of his kingdom is far too important to be concerned about what it will cost me, and Jesus is far too good to let me fail. He won’t let you fail either. Don’t worry about the cost. Just say yes. He is more than able to take care of everything else.

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