Crazy Ideas

I have a lot of crazy ideas every year. Some are ideas for inventions, some are ideas to help people that we regular meet with, and some are ideas for what the life of a Jesus follower should look like. If you have been around us for more than a few days, you already know that living a supernatural lifestyle is a major component of our lives. I think there is a nuance to this type of lifestyle that believers who are not on the same pursuit may not realize. There is a cost to being used by God, it costs everything, but the result is worth so much more than anything we can ever pay. So, my crazy idea is that when we give our lives to Jesus, we need to give him everything; we can’t hold anything back. The world needs believers now more than ever, and God is willing and able to use anyone, but I tend to think that if we are willing to put everything on the altar, we will see God do even more through us. I have found that the closer you draw to God, the less you care about the stuff that doesn’t really matter. The more we are in his presence, the less interested we become in what the world has to offer. And the more we strive to be like him, the quicker we are able to recognize areas in our lives that need to be placed on the proverbial altar, so that we don’t have anything for the enemy to use as a foothold for temptation or manipulation. It’s not about trying to be holy, Jesus already made us holy (see Hebrews 10:10). It’s about living out a life of holiness that doesn’t allow anything else, not even the smallest idea, to take our eyes off of Jesus. If we can do that, we can carry the heart of the Father into every city, every situation, every life, and see transformation every single time. This is the kind of crazy idea I can get behind. Who’s with me?

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