Culture Changers

Three people were killed this week in the neighborhood where we minister in Washington D.C.; all within a few blocks of where we spend our time every week. It’s heartbreaking to hear these stories, but it is also a reminder that we have a lot of work to do. These were lives that had the potential to change the world. These were lives that could have led Southeast D.C. into a new era, and now they are gone. It’s easy to get upset when watching a news story of something horrible happening somewhere far away from home, and then ranting about it on Facebook. It’s something entirely different to actually step into the situation and do something about it. As followers of Jesus, we have the ability to change the culture around us. Jesus wouldn’t have taught us to pray, “on earth as it is in heaven” if it wasn’t possible. We carry the ability to shift atmospheres, change mindsets, restore identities, and literally make earth look like heaven. I wish it would all happen overnight. I wish we would see immediate transformation throughout the city. We see God do amazing things every week; one life is changed, and then another, and another. It’s amazing to watch the incredible transformations occur in front of our eyes. We thank God for every life he changes and we continue to ask him to do even more, because we know there is always more. Think about what you can do in your neighborhoods, cities, churches, and spheres of influence. Think about how you can help to make earth look like heaven by partnering with what God wants to do through you. On earth as it is in heaven, that’s our mission, no let’s go change the world.

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