Dead to me

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’re dead to me”? One of my pet peeves with Christians is when I hear a believer refer to themselves as a sinner. It drives me nuts because that is not the true identity of a believer. In Romans 6-8, we have this discussion about sin in the lives of a believer and it slowly builds to a crescendo of the reality that we have died to sin and now live victorious lives as a result of the work on the cross. Here’s a newsflash for you: if you have given your life to Jesus, you are no longer a sinner. This same passage in Romans tells us that our flesh has a sin nature, so we are born with a natural propensity to sin. But when we surrender our lives to Jesus, something changes. Instead of being a slave to sin, we become a slave to righteousness. So there exists this conflict in every one of us. Our physical body has a sin nature that wants to pull us in one direction, and our spirit has a righteousness nature that wants to pull us in another direction. Our bodies are dead as a result of sin, but our spirits are alive for righteousness. This is why we are encouraged to live our lives from the perspective of the spirit and not from the flesh. When we turn back to our sinful flesh, it’s like we are trying to resurrect it from the dead. Your sinful flesh is dead to you! We don’t have to listen to those desires anymore and we don’t have to follow back down that old path that we gave up when we turned to Jesus. Sin no longer has any control over us because it is dead to us. My encouragement to you this week is to view sin as something that died a long time ago and is never coming back. Live from the spirit, listen to what Jesus is speaking, and ignore all the other voices in the world that would try to convince you to resurrect that old sinful nature.

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