Different aspects of God’s nature

We are in a season of time where God is choosing to reveal himself in a lot of new ways and, for some people, these new ways are too far outside of the box of what they are used to. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit might freak you out a little bit or maybe even make you feel a little uncomfortable. That’s perfectly understandable if it is new to you but if you hang around God long enough, you will quickly discover that he likes to show up in a lot of different ways. I tend to think that if God always did things the exact same way, we would create a theology out of it, and scorn anyone who chooses to think differently. Take a look at church history, it has happened a lot of times and is one of the reasons we have so many different denominations.

The Bible very clearly teaches that God does not change, he is the same “yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. 13:8) but I am confident that no one on the planet knows everything about God so we can’t possibly assume that we know every detail of his personality. There are aspects of his nature that we have never experienced and when we experience him in a new or different way it could be that he is revealing a different part of himself to us. I don’t know about you, but I get excited whenever the creator of the universe reveals himself to me in a new way because it takes my relationship with him to another level. For me, it’s exciting to discover something new about the God I love and serve. For others, it may just freak them out, but we have some great Biblical examples that prove this point.

God revealed himself in a burning bush in front of Moses, he used a cloud and a pillar of fire with the Israelites, and lightening surrounded the top of the mountain when the law was given; God chose a handful of different ways to reveal himself in just the first few books of the Bible so why would we ever think that he isn’t continuing to do the same thing today. What if Elijah ignored the still small voice because he was looking for a burning bush? What if the Israelites ignored the Messiah because he didn’t show up the way they expected? Oh wait, a lot of them did. Maybe that proves my point. Here’s the deal, there’s no logical reason to think that God won’t continue to show up in new ways today and I think it is very wise to ask him for the discernment to recognize when it is him so we don’t make fun of something that he is doing.

So here’s my point, don’t discount what God is doing just because you have never seen him do it in a certain way before. He is as infinitely creative as he is eternal and there is so much more to this relationship with him than we will probably ever fully realize on this side of eternity. Ask for more of him, and expect him to show up in a new way. You just might be surprised at how excited he is to reveal himself to you in a real, tangible, personal way.

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