Don’t miss out

Disobedience can keep you from stepping into the role God has already set aside for you and can cause that role to be given to another.  In 1 Sam 13:13-14 Samuel prophesied to Saul that if he had been obedient God would have established his kingdom over Israel for all time.  But what we see is that David’s kingdom was established for all time.  What happened?  Saul was disobedient and as a result, what was planned for him was given to another.  This has incredible application today.  God is in the midst of doing something new today and if you choose to be disobedient you might end up missing out on what he has for you.  And sometimes that disobedience is as simple as ignoring what God is up to.  Don’t risk missing what God has for you; press into him and step into the role for which you were created!

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