A few weeks ago, we took a group of people to a local baseball game to enjoy a day of relaxation with friends and ministry partners. The Washington Nationals graciously gives us free tickets a few times a year, and we are able to use these tickets to bless those who have come along side the work we are doing in the region. Before the game started, one of our friends asked God to show us a prophetic sign during the game, and somewhere near the 7th inning an interesting thing happened. The ballpark staff selected a section of seats to receive some free giveaways, and one of the staff members approached me to see if I wanted 2 free tickets to an upcoming concert. No gimmicks. No requirements. Just free tickets. Of course, I said yes, and a few minutes later I was on the jumbotron at the ballpark receiving two free tickets to the upcoming Eagles concert. Eagles typically symbolize prophets or prophecy, so this definitely felt like an answer to our friend’s prayer. And since he was the one who asked for the sign, I thought the two of us should attend the concert together. I think we both felt like the free tickets were just the first part of what God wanted to show us and so, last night, we went to the concert with anticipation of seeing what God would unfold next. I hadn’t been to a concert in many years, so I was interested in seeing what the night would be like. Just after the Eagles took the stage, the band introduced Deacon Frey, who is the son of the late Glenn Frey who passed away in 2016. Deacon was brought into the band to take his father’s place, and he did an incredible job, by the way. It seemed very unique to me that a son would step in and take his father’s place in such a well-known band. I can’t think of any other time where this has ever happened before. As I pondered this, I heard the Lord say that this is now the season where there will be a transference of anointing from fathers to sons and daughters, and we are going to start to see spiritual sons and daughters taking on the role of their spiritual fathers. I think we have seen things shifting in the past few years to make way for this next move of God, and I sense that we are right on the verge of seeing a new generation of leaders step into the roles for which they were created. Get ready! Something big is coming!

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