Effective pleas before the throne of God…

“We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.” — Dan 9:18

Mercy in this verse is translated from the Hebrew word “Chesed” which means to show favor, mercy, or kindness to one who has no right to claim something from you.

I’ve often heard people petition God based on what they think they have earned for their good deeds almost as if they believe God owes them something. As they prayed they would say things like “I pay my tithe, where’s my blessing?”Or “I live a good Christian life, why can’t I have a nicer house?” This attitude in prayer is not only foolish; it’s a virtual guarantee that you will get no answer at all. God promises to bless his people when they are obedient but it doesn’t mean any of us deserve anything he has to give.

God doesn’t owe you anything and nothing you do will make you worthy of anything he has to give. It is only because of his chesed that we live and it is only because of his chesed that we are blessed. Always be mindful that you are addressing the creator of the universe and the next time you ask God for something, be sure to remember that it is because of his mercy that you are even able to ask.

David’s prayers were effective because he did not ask on account of his own righteousness but rather on account of God’s great mercy. Put this into practice and your prayers will take on a new dimension of effectiveness.

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