Even the simple things matter

So many of the physical miracles in the Bible deal with big diseases like leprosy, blindness, deafness, or being crippled and it’s really easy to think that more simple sicknesses are not miracle worthy. I remember offering prayer to a guy once who refused because he didn’t want God to waste any time or power on his relatively minor problem and that He should instead focus on bigger issues. It’s pretty easy to fall into that way of thinking; it’s easy to say “it’s just a cold, it will go away by itself in a few days.” Or “the doctor can take care of it so I don’t need God to intervene.” I love modern medicine but why would we ever take this perspective? When Jesus went to Peter’s house He healed his mother in law of a fever. He didn’t say, “it’s just a fever, it will be gone by tomorrow.” His perspective is different and His compassion is unreserved. And it’s the same in any other part of life. There really is nothing too small or too big that God can’t handle and there is nothing we need that he doesn’t care about. Jesus gave this great example about how God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers; if He cares about flowers, then he definitely cares about every need of every person on the planet. So no matter what you are in need of, God is ready to help. And when you encounter someone else with a need you can confidently declare His goodness because when we minister out of love it doesn’t matter what the problem is; there should never be a time where we pass up an opportunity to reveal God’s goodness even in the midst of the simplest of problems.

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