Everything starts as a seed

I came across an interesting verse a few weeks ago in Psalms 9:11-12.  It says that light and gladness both start out as seeds.  It got me thinking about the fruit of the Spirit and how that fruit must also grow from a seed.  I’m pretty sure no Christian started out with a large piece of joy or patience but as we grow in our relationship with God the fruit seems to grow in proportion to that relationship.  We have to learn about God’s love before we can really display the love discussed in Galatians and the same goes for all the other fruit as well.  Getting back to the light seed, in Matt. 5 Jesus said that we are the light of the world.  Maybe that starts out as a seed as well and eventually grows into a light that pushes away darkness everywhere we go.  These seed verses have led me to believe that everything starts as a seed and the only way we can achieve what God wants us to do in this life is to steward over that seed, through relationship with the Father, until it grows into fruit.  We will be known by our fruit after all.

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