I read a few things this past week that got me a little fired up about believers who don’t understand the current move of God and so they make excuses about why they aren’t seeing God move powerfully in their circles or they try to bash what God is doing in other churches/movements. It really breaks my heart that we have believers who, legitimately love Jesus, but are so focused on denominational theology and control that they are missing out on what God is doing. I love that Martin Luther shook things up a few hundred years ago and started the Protestant reformation. I believe his actions laid part of the foundation for where God wants to take us but there is still some more shaking up that needs to be done. I love the current move of God. I love that portions of the church are starting to realize the importance of equipping the believers to go out and do the work of Jesus as we see mentioned in Ephesians 4. I love that we are moving away from the model of only a few people being anointed to be used in miraculous ways and toward the reality that all believers can be used powerfully by God. I just wish we could get more people on this train and do it in a faster way. I love that churches, like Bethel, are taking it a step further to make sure their cities are safe by providing resources to the city that will fund a portion of police officer salaries; I have never heard of a church or denomination doing anything like this before. We are called to impact the world in a positive way. We are called to continue the work of Jesus, to do the things that he did, and even greater things! I am tired of seeing believers beat up on other believers just because they don’t get it. Jesus taught us to pray for the kingdom of God to come to earth. Why would anyone be upset about believers actually believing and praying for what Jesus taught us to do? Come on, Church, rise up! You have the tools to see poverty destroyed, sickness eliminated, and nations transformed. The old model of sitting on the pew and letting someone else do the work isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time for all believers to get in the game. Let’s stop making excuses, work together, and change the world.

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