Sometimes life is more like a Picasso…

There are so many uncertainties in life.  We never know for sure what will happen, how it will happen or who it will happen to.  We like to try to plan things so that we can project or guess what the outcomes are and we set goals and hope to accomplish them.  I like to see the big picture.  I consider myself adventurous and most people that know me would say that I am too, but people don’t know that I actually like to see the whole picture more often than trying to guess what the picture looks like.

I love art and one of my favorite things to do in DC is to visit the different Smithsonians and art museums.  My taste varies from pop art like Peter Max to classics such as Monet or Matisse.  I love an Ansel Adams portrait as much as I love Klimdt.  I know it doesn’t make sense, but sometimes I feel like I ask God for the whole picture and I get an image that is more Dali-esque than Georgia O’Keefe!  I started to realize that God likes to show me things in pieces or in phases so that I will have to look closer at the images, or situations that I am in.  He shows me different sides of the place that I am in, forcing me to often look inward instead of outward. God shows me a different side of the situation, forcing me to look inward instead of outward.   This is not fun and it is a scary thing sometimes when you realize that you are the one that needs changing and that sometimes we are not as perfect as we think we are!

It is also a reminder of why we need God in our lives, because if we could do it all on our own, why would we need Him? When I ask God to change someone or something, I find that the person that needs changing is me and that my heart being shifted just a little can change my circumstance. When I ask God to change someone or something, I find that the person that needs changing is me.  God often tries to show us pieces of the picture so that we can see things more closely and not get overwhelmed by the entirety of it all.  I think that He is so gracious to make sure that we can handle the piece that we have before He gives us more.  It reminds me that I can be happy with my piece and look to others to see if their pieces fit mine to make a beautiful picture.


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