Fight from victory

Everyone needs someone to turn to when they need justice or resolution for a problem. This was a lot easier to accomplish a few thousand years ago when kings ruled over nations and one person generally decided the fate for the whole community (maybe not always fair, but easier). But in today’s environment, if you were to go to a president asking for justice he would send you to the courts because he doesn’t have the authority to resolve legal matters. And if you go to the courts you will find they are limited by the constraints of the laws written be legislators. But if you had a king you could go to one person and get an authoritative ruling on any issue. This is because a king is seated with absolute authority over his domain. No one in the kingdom can question anything he says and all are subject to his rule. The first chapter of Ephesians shows us that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, far above all other rule, power, authority, and dominion. Everything is under his authoritative rule. So anything Jesus decrees has to happen. There is never a scenario where the universe doesn’t obey his command. Even satan must adhere to his rule. Then when we flip to the next chapter we find out that we are seated with Jesus. That puts us in a place of authority as well. We are co-ruling and co-reigning with Jesus. So that means that any circumstance we face can end with a decree. We can issue decrees on God’s behalf, that are in line with his purposes, and expect those decrees to happen and to be carried out. We don’t have to fight for victory because Jesus already secured it through his death and resurrection. We fight from victory and that is a much better place to be.



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