Filling the gap


We’ve been looking for new opportunities to engage with communities that churches typically are not able to reach. Churches do a lot of great stuff but there is only so much one organization can do and with such a large audience of people who need to be reached we’re finding that there are gaps that need to be filled, there are some areas within communities that churches are not able to step in and help. So we’re looking for these sections of society that aren’t effectively being reached or ministered to and we’re finding that we are starting to cross into some more traditional medical healthcare arenas. We’re even starting to teach non-Christian organizations about Christian healing models, faith based healing, and the underlying spiritual roots that sometimes affect other areas of physical and emotional health. There are other effective ways that we can help people so my question for you today is who are the people in your community that local churches are unable to reach? Who are the people that the church does not or cannot typically reach out to? That should be your target audience. This can be individuals or it can be organizations. One thing we are doing right now is partnering with several veteran’s organizations in Southeast Washington D.C. to bring a spiritual and supernatural component to their healthcare. But these ventures require new strategies so ask Holy Spirit for strategies to reach the unreached where you live and work. We don’t need more churches. What we need is to go after the ones who will never set foot in a church. We have enough churches in D.C. to have 60 in every square mile, that’s more than enough. Heidi Baker often says that we need to stop for the one and that’s exactly what we need to do because the way we are going to change the world is by reaching one person and one community at a time. So let’s go be Jesus to everyone we meet!

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