The more I read about the stories of the early church in the book of Acts, and the more I read about some of the amazing encounters people have had with God in the past few hundred years, I get even more excited about the possibility of what God can do today. Even in the midst of the craziness happening in the world around us, I still have faith in the promise of God that his kingdom will rule over the kingdoms of the earth. But I also find that sometimes the work that we do “in ministry” can start to feel a little routine and we can easily lose some of the excitement of representing Jesus on the earth. In these moments, the best thing to do is to take a few days and refocus our attention on Jesus. He is the reason we do what we do. He paid for so much, and desires to see the fullness of his kingdom on the earth more than us. When we focus our eyes on him, the love, passion, and zeal for the people we minister to increases. It is so important to focus on Jesus every day, to get his heart for the people we will encounter throughout the day, so that we can minister from the heart of God. It’s not about us. It never has been and never will be. It’s about a radical pursuit of the heart of God for what he wants to accomplish on the earth, and a recognition that we have the greatest opportunity in the universe. We get to represent the King of kings, the One who created everything, to people in all walks of life. What could be more exciting and exhilarating than that?

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