It’s so important to focus on the reality of who God is because the I AM is greater than any situation we are dealing with or any negative stories we might see on the news. We need to recognize his greatness in all situations. Our focus must stay on him. Focusing on anything else will cause us to look somewhere else for the answer but focusing on God will bring the answers we really need. There is no greater love God has than for his people. There is no greater joy God has than to watch us walk out our destinies. But I believe it breaks God’s heart when we lose our focus because all it takes is one quick second for the enemy to attract our attention and then it is much harder for us to refocus on Jesus. God’s intensions for all of humanity are always good. His desire is to lavish so much love and attention on each one of us but he wants us to lavish our love on him as well. Turn your affection towards him. Turn your focus towards him. It’s difficult to look past the difficulties, struggles, hurts, hang-ups, and disappointments but the answer to all of these problems is found in him. All it takes is one intentional step towards Jesus to get the ball rolling.

There is freedom, you don’t have to settle with just coping. Pursue him, pursue intimacy with him like never before and you will find a freedom like never before. One move in his direction and he will bring a swift end to the tactics of the enemy against you. I feel like the Lord’s message to us in this season is that the enemy has angered him and that God is about to release his wrath against the spiritual forces trying to undo what his people have worked so hard for. Satan will not be allowed to undermine us anymore. He will be on the run and will never regain his footing. The battlefield is now shifting in a new direction and you will see God move upon this earth like never before. The Lord has allowed him to play his games up to this point because there must always be a fullness of time but now that fullness is upon us and we will see a shift into the direction God desires. The enemy will see loss after loss after loss as we take territory and see victory upon victory. Grab hold of what God has for you, focus on him, and watch as the plans of the enemy crumble around you!

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