Fruitless Christianity

Good trees produce good fruit. Bad trees produce bad fruit. That seems like a simple enough concept but when we add the spiritual significance into the discussion it can become a little clouded. It’s pretty easy to recognize bad fruit but how do we recognize good fruit in someone’s Christian walk? Is it quantified by the number of souls that are saved? Is it qualified by the quality of a sermon? Is it typified in the way they deal with others? Do all Christians have good fruit? It should be normal for a Christian to have good fruit but the reality is that many Christians are not bearing any fruit because they have become too comfortable. In John 15 Jesus teaches us that if we stay connected to the vine we will bear much fruit. I tend to think that means that if we stay connected to the vine we will see more people healed, more people delivered, and less problems in our own lives. God receives more glory when we bear more fruit so it makes sense that he would want us to stay connected because the end result is that he gets more glory. And he deserves every bit of it and then some more so let’s go get Jesus everything he paid for and let’s get some more glory for the one who deserves it all. Get connected, stay connected, and bear much fruit!

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