Full Spectrum Dominance

There is a term we used in the military to describe a major goal in any wartime offensive, we called it full spectrum dominance. The idea is that, in order to be completely effective when waging a war, we need to dominate every portion of the battle. Our Army troops need to acquire and maintain control of all portions of the battlefield. Our Navy needs to dominate any unfriendly ships at sea, establish control of all shipping lanes, and ensure no other warships can shoot missiles at our ground troops. The Air Force needs to establish complete dominance in the air, so no other aircraft is able to cause any problems. This full spectrum dominance allows us to operate as needed within the battle space without anyone hindering our operations. It’s a term I haven’t thought of since I retired from the military, but it recently popped into my head, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I feel like God wants to remind us about the importance of seeing the fullness of his kingdom established on the earth. It’s great to see people physically healed, but that’s just one piece. We also need to see their minds set free from any lies they have believed, and their souls set free from demonic attack. We need to see kingdom influence in people’s finances. We need to see cities and nations transformed. We need full spectrum dominance of God’s kingdom on earth in every aspect of life. This is what it looks like for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord (Rev. 11:15). This is why we can’t become complacent. We have to continuously go before the Lord and ask him for more. I can’t stop after a back is healed, I have to press in for more, so I can see devastating diseases eliminated. I can’t stop when one person gets a job, I have to press in for more until unemployment no longer exists. This is the reality we need to grab hold of. We haven’t seen the fullness of his kingdom yet, but I believe it is available to every one of us, if we are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to see it happen. I have made it my life’s goal to see his kingdom firmly established on the earth because I don’t think there is anything more important. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you consider making this a goal of your life as well.

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