Get ready

Over the past few weeks the Lord has begun to speak to me in a new way and show me things he hasn’t shown me before. It seems that September has brought some shifts and I feel like the Lord is saying many others are going to begin to hear him in a new way. Don’t expect it to be the way you are used to, and if you feel like you have never heard his voice before, get ready to hear it clearly now. This is not for everyone; it is for those who are sincerely pressing in to listen to what is being said. God wants all us to hear his voice, he is not remaining silent. But we often let everything else around us drown out his sound. If you listen, you will hear him. Here’s the great news; we can all press in, we can all hear him speak, there is so much he wants to say to us. Set aside some time, listen closely, and get ready to hear him in a whole new way. I also feel like we are moving into a season of divine encounters and of increased supernatural activity. Keys that are needed to open up new doors are being released and the ones who have been waiting outside of those doors are going to see the doors open very soon and others are being released into the destiny that has been waiting for them for a long time. Get ready for something amazing!

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